Home Power Scrubber Set (3 PC)
Home Power Scrubber Set (3 PC)
Home Power Scrubber Set (3 PC)
Home Power Scrubber Set (3 PC)
Home Power Scrubber Set (3 PC)
Home Power Scrubber Set (3 PC)

Home Power Scrubber Set (3 PC)

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Want to make cleaning your home EASY?
This 3pc Home Power Scubber® is the FASTER, EASIERand far more EFFICIENT way to clean DIRT and GRIMENO matter what the job!

It comes with 3 VERSATILE Brushes for every scenario - CLEAN your bathroom tiles, floor, bath, shower, kitchen sink, cooker, pans, car seats, tires & MORE


UNIVERSAL fit for most cordlesss drills and drivers (1/4 inch change shaft). NYLON bristle WILL NOT scratch your surfaces
Get a PROFESSIONAL cleaning experience in your home which will SAVE you TIME, EFFORT & ENERGY
Oh and guess what? SAVE 40% TODAY ONLY


 ✔ SAVE YOUR TIME. Transform your drill into powerful pro cleaning scrubber machine. 3pc Home Power Scrubber ® will make your cleaning process clear fast and easy. Use our product to clean: rugs, stone bath tub, toilet, floor or wall tile, shower door, carpet, porcelain, granite and even dirty shoes. 

 GETS INTO EVERYWHERE. Each drill brush of 3pc Home Power Scrubber ® has its special shape and size, which allows you to remove the grout from hard to reach spots, like baseboards and corners. 

 COMPACT & LIGHT. Due to the compact size and light weight of each scrub brush, it's easy to hold the drill during the cleaning process. Thanks to that dimensions, 3pc Home Power Scrubber ® will not damage your favourite drill! 

 TOP QUALITY. We use highest quality PP-element to manufacture our scrubber brush set. PP is one of the most chemically resistant and non-brittle materials, which provides great durability. Each spin scrubber brush has medium stiffness bristle. This allows you to use a product as the sink cleaning kit, without any worries about the scratches. 

✔ QUICK CHANGE. Easily change brushes on your power drill using stainless steel quick change shafts. It fits to both cord and cordless drills. Reliable and strong construction keeps drill scrub brush stable. 


  • Save Time
  • Clean Almost Every Surface
  • Clean the stains effortlessly
3pc Home Power Scrubber ® (No Drill Included)